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Roofing Services Ulrich Builders

Roofing | Commercial & Residential

Roofing services for commercial and residential construction. The Ulrich Roofing team, a subsidiary of Ulrich Builders LLC, has dedicated skills performing professional roof repair and complete roof replacements. Whether your shingles need replacement or an office complex needs a flat roof resurfaced, Ulrich Roofing provides homeowners and business owners alike with professional quality roofing solutions. Kevin and his team will meet with you and get your roofing questions answered and help plan your roofing project.

Professional Roof Contractor
Flat Roofs
Build Up Roofs (BUR) – Textured tar with a gravel exterior.
Thermoplastic Membrane Flat Roof – Single-ply layer of PVC or TPO fixed with screws and plates.
Rubber Membrane Flat Roof (EPDM) – Single-Ply rubber membrane secured with fasteners or rocks.
Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have become one of the more popular material choices for replacing a flat roof. Aluminum is a durable metal and can last for about 35 years under ideal conditions.

Shingle Roofs

Roofing shingles can be flat or curved and used on roofs with enough pitch so that water sheds off and into the gutter system by gravity. Common types of shingles are asphalt, clay, metal, wood, rubber, and slate. Materials vary in cost, weight, durability, color and style and are generally comprised by locally available materials.

Cedar Shake

Compounded wooden shingles made from split logs depicting a distinctive look due to the varying thickness and length of each shingle. A properly maintained shingle roof can last up yo 15 years.

Ulrich Roofing
With Ulrich Roofing services, we understand that installing a new roof is a necessary and important job. So, if your shingle roof is over 20 years old, it's time for a replacement. Speak to a roofer about your roof.

We do things the old fashion way. Rather than using computer programs to give you an estimate, at Ulrich Builders LLC we physically get on a your roof, measure, check for how many layers are present, decide if chimney flashing needs to be replaced, check the condition of masonry chimney, and if the integrity of plywood will accept new shingles.

Construction Services

Ulrich Builders LLC provides experienced professional craftsmen and builders with over 25 years of construction experience serving South New Jersey businesses and residential homeowners.

Remodel any room or add onto your home with the help from the Ulrich Builders‘ team of professional craftsmen and builders. Get that new kitchen or bathroom you been waiting for.

Ulrich Builders roofing professionals bring over 25 years of construction experience providing crafted skillsets to handle any size and type of roofing project. Let us assess your roofing situations and needs.

It is important to have a trusted team of siding installers on your project. Replacing siding at some point in a home’s lifespan will provide lasting protection and a fresh new look that will modernize your home.

Ulrich Builders‘ trusted professional metal framing & drywall installers deliver consistent and outstanding professionalism with unparalleled quality in the industry.

Ulrich Builders and Old School Millwork LLC have what it takes to accommodate any home or business project. Design & build custom cabinets, custom bookshelves, custom window trim, custom staircases, and so much more.

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